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Forging A Vernacular Identity

Forging a Vernacular Identity is inspired by my curiosity of the mysteries which lie in the ordinary places around me.  I have a strong fascination with how systems of math and science are at play to create the poetry of a space, but could never hope to understand them.  I find myself drawn to painting nature and architecture because of their inherent relationships to math and science.  My paintings are a series of experiments through which I break down shapes, colors, and forms which I find within spaces into modular units, and reassemble them to try to figure out how they work.  I like to manipulate different variables like scale, directionality of marks and orientation to play with how the viewer might perceive a space.  I often combine different variables of multiple spaces to create a singular hybridized space.  This process of experimentation and analysis becomes deeply introspective, and I find that I project myself onto the spaces which I paint.  I convey my own sense of a fractured reality and disjuncture with the world through a dialogue between degenerate architecture and nature.

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